Guitarrón Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian is a junior at Wiess College and is majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He joined Mariachi Luna Llena unable to play any instruments, but did not let that stop him from learning about his Mexican heritage and about the joy of creating music. Having taken classical guitar lessons for a few months, Adrian felt that the plucking style of the guitarrón was fascinating and studied it for a year under MMauricio Arreola-Garcia.
Violin Amanda Perozo

Amanda is a freshman at Wiess College. She is majoring in Biochemistry and aspires to become a doctor one day. Her journey with the violin began at the ripe age of eleven, her love for music growing tenderly with every note. Born a proud Venezuelan, she wanted to feel more connected to her fellow Hispanics, so she ventured out of the land of classical music, discovering the beauty of Mariachi music. She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity to expand her musical repertoire and cultural knowledge!

Violin – Head of Traditions Amanda Zhao
Amanda is a junior at Duncan College and is a born and bred Houston native. She is currently majoring in Cognitive Sciences, and would love to one day pursue medicine. While Amanda has played violin classically for 11 years prior to joining Mariachi Luna Llena, she has developed a passion for mariachi music as well, and hopes to continue to play for many years to come.
Voice/Guitar Andrea Galindo-Escamilla
Andrea was born and raised in Guadalajara, the birthplace of mariachi. She has a masters in Ecological Restoration from UNAM, is currently the coordinator of CENHS at Rice, and her passion is in the performing arts. She began singing at a very early age and recently learned to play the guitar. Andrea enjoys being part of the mariachi to share her culture with her daughter and the Houston community.
Violin Arturo Guzman
Arturo is a sophomore at Brown College and is studying Mechanical Engineering. Growing up in Reno, Nevada, he started playing the violin in 8th grade and joined the local universities mariachi in 11th grade. When he learned of Mariachi Luna Llena, he was ecstatic because it would allow him to continue this connection to his Mexican roots. Elsewhere on campus, Arturo plays intramural soccer, freshman flag football and is a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. He is looking forward to learning more about mariachi and having a great time with Mariachi Luna Llena!
Violin Bowie Lin
Bowie (pronounced like the singer, not the Texas Independence hero) is a senior from Hanszen College majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Business. A Houston native, Bowie grew up surrounded by Mexican culture and wanted to learn more about it. Prior to joining Mariachi Luna Llena, he was classically trained on the violin for 15 years. He loves being a part of the mariachi and being able to play a different style of music!
Trumpet – President Gabriel Gomide


Gabriel is a sophomore at McMurty, studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology with hopes of attending medical school. Although this is his first year playing mariachi music, he grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and is familiar with the style and culture. He is excited to have found not only a musical group to continue playing with, but a mariachi family to grow with.
Guitar – Head of Traditions Ian Frankel
Ian is a sophomore at Martel College currently majoring in Civil Engineering. From Dallas, Texas, he also plays intramural flag football for Martel. Ian joined Mariachi Luna Llena to learn a little bit of Spanish while having fun playing music with people!
Violin Irene Hwang
  Irene is a senior at Sid Richardson College, majoring in Materials Science and Nanoengineering. Originally from Korea and then Northern Virginia, Irene fell in love with Mexican culture during her numerous stays in Yucatan, Mexico. She is excited to be a part of Mariachi Luna Llena, where she can perform on the violin and engage with the greater Houston community!
Violin Kevin Li
Kevin is a sophomore from Wiess College majoring in Computer Science. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Kevin is classically trained and has played violin for over 11 years. Although he makes pop arrangements and busks in his free time, he has never before played mariachi music. However, he always loves to try new musical styles and has found mariachi extremely enjoyable.
Voice/Trumpet Mario Bencomo
Mario was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and raised in El Paso, Texas, he began playing mariachi music since the 6th grade. Since then, he has been a member of many school and professional mariachi groups performing throughout mariachi conferences and competitions. He received his B.S. in physics and applied mathematics from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2010. Currently, he is a 5th year graduate student in the Computational and Applied Mathematics Department at Rice.
Violin – Music Director Matthew Anaya


Matthew is a sophomore at McMurtry College and is currently studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology with the goal of going to medical school. Raised in El Paso, Texas, mariachi music was never far away. Although he was classically trained in violin starting in the 5th grade, he had never actually played in a mariachi group until college. He joined Mariachi Luna Llena because it allows him to combine his love of music with his desire to learn more about and share his cultural heritage. Matthew loves being a part of the Luna Llena family and is looking forward to making more music and having fun.

Guitar/Violin Peter Suzuki
Peter is a junior at Martel College currently pursuing a degree in Bioengineering. He was classically trained in violin growing up, but Peter now mainly plays vihuela and guitar with Luna Llena. Hailing from the suburbs of D.C., he first joined to better connect with his Mexican-American heritage through music. He loves playing with the group to experience mariachi culture, become closer with the greater Houston community, and have a blast with his fellow mariachis!


Guitar/Voice Rachel Salaiz
Rachel is a Houston-area native and graduated from Texas Tech University with degrees in Mathematics and Vocal Performance. She hopes to one day be part of the Houston Grand Opera family. Her mariachi and guitar career began at Texas Tech where she was a part of Mariachi Los Matadores and Mariachi Mexico Lindo. She is very excited to be a part of the Rice community and part of Mariachi Luna Llena!
Guitar Romeo Garza
Romeo (pronounced like the singer, not the Shakespearean hero) is a senior from Jones College majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, there has been no shortage of listening to mariachi in his life. That being said, Romeo is incredibly proud to have started playing guitar two years ago to allow him to actually play mariachi. Playing in Mariachi Luna Llena reminds him of home, gives him a chance to be in a band again, and most importantly allows him to share music and an important part of his heritage with others.
Guitar Sam Rossum


Sam is a freshman at McMurtry college and is considering a major in Economics. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, he had no prior experience in Mariachi, but has enjoyed playing guitar in various settings for many years. Sam has gained a new admiration for Mariachi music, and he looks forward to having fun while playing music throughout Houston!
Violin Sonia Torres
Sonia is a sophomore from Hanszen College majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis and Applied Math. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Sonia has always been musically involved, playing flute since sixth grade, being a drum major in the Soaring Eagle Marching Band and picking up violin as a hobby. She gained a love for mariachi music from the telenovelas she watched with her mother and can’t wait to perform the genre of music for happy occasions with awesome people!
Trumpet Steven Schara
Steven is a Junior at Lovett College and studying Materials Engineering and Chemistry. He sees this group as an exciting chance to bond, create, and perform with a diverse group of people as well as an opportunity to explore a great part of his Mexican heritage through music. His trumpet has been a close companion for the past 7 years, and he has no plans of giving it up any time soon.


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